Owen O'Shea: Author, Historian, Researcher

Owen O'Shea

Author, Historian, Researcher of Irish Politics and Irish History

Member of Irish Association of Professional Historians

Member of Political Studies Association of Ireland

PRO of Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society

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Dark days in Kerry: the murder of Sgt James Woods in 1923 and its shocking aftermath

On 3 December 1923, Garda Sergeant James Woods was murdered during an armed robbery at Scartaglin Garda Station in rural Kerry. In the days and weeks which followed, a young servant boy was shot in the back, the son of a local blacksmith was killed in cold blood on the roadside and a lieutenant in the Free State Army was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. The shocking incidents were rooted in personal and

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Occasional meanderings and insights into Kerry’s past with a focus on electioneering, election results, key political figures, political culture, and the dramatic ups and downs of politics in the county over the past century.