My new book on the Ballymacandy Ambush will be published shortly by Merrion Press.

The ambush, which took place on the 1st of June 1921, a century ago this year, happened just a short distance from where I was born and reared and I have spent the past two years researching what happened.

The ambush came just weeks before the War of Independence ended. Three members of the RIC and two Black and Tans were killed as the War of Independence reached its climax. Dozens of members of the IRA and Cumann na mBan in mid-Kerry were involved and their story is now being told for the first time.

It’s a fascinating and important part of our history as we continue to mark the centenary of the events which led to the foundation of the state.

So if you have an interest in local history, in the history of the War of Independence and want to learn more about the events of 1921 in Kerry, you can now pre-order on the Merrion Press website or this website via the homepage or the ‘Books’ page.

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